Live Dealer Baccarat: A Great Aussie Online Game!

Australian Gambling Online - Live Dealer Baccarat

Too many gamblers steer clear of the baccarat table simply because they don't know how to play. A live dealer baccarat casino is actually a rather simple card game that's much easier to learn and play than blackjack or poker. Even more enticing is that a live dealer baccarat casino has one of the smallest house edges at just 1%.

So why not learn a new game, and win some AUDs while at it? Our team of online casino live dealer baccarat experts will walk you through the entire process and point you to the top real money sites!

Top 5 Live Dealer Baccarat Online Casinos

Live Dealer Baccarat

Live dealer baccarat often attracts high rollers due to its strong odds. New and younger players avoid it because they've never played live dealer baccarat. Casino players can easily learn baccarat in no time at all.

The excitement of baccarat often relies on the casino environment. That's why playing baccarat at an online casino was rather unpopular. Something was missing with the online version.

Live dealer baccarat solved the issue by using high-definition streaming video! Now the look and feel we come to expect at a land casino can be enjoyed from your living room couch!

Rules of Baccarat

So how do you play live dealer baccarat? Most of the best 2024 online casinos offer two versions, single player and multiplayer.

The object of baccarat is to predict whether the player or the banker will have a higher score. To begin, you place a bet either on the player circle or the banker circle. After all players bet (in multiplayer mode), the dealer gives two cards to both the player and banker. Adding up the cards scores the hand. Face cards like kings are worth zero, as are tens. Aces are worth one point. The other cards are worth their face value.

The total of a hand cannot exceed 9. If it does, only the last digit counts. Example: 15 is worth 5.

If either hand is an 8 or 9, the hand is over and no more cards are given. If the player has 5 or less, the player receives another card. 6 or more, the player stands.

If the player stands, the banker takes a card with 5 or less, and stands with 6 or more. If the player hits, the banker chooses whether to take a third card depending on the total of the banker's score and the player's third card.

While this all seems complicated, the conditions are all set and requires no action from you the gambler. The live dealer baccarat casino knows the rules and immediately determines the winner.

Gameplay: Online Casino Live Dealer Baccarat

Australia casino players often bet on the banker. This is the best way to minimize the house edge. Betting on the player is only slightly worse. Betting on a tie is a poor option, unless you're feeling lucky!

Live dealer baccarat gameplay looks similar to other online games. The dealer stands behind the table and in front of you are the several betting areas: tie at the top, then banker, and then player closest to you.

The HD video stream paired with the computer generated interface provides the truest live dealer casino experience possible today!

Top 5 Advantages

Live dealer baccarat is a wonderful game that should be enjoyed by many more gamblers than it currently is. All you have to do is bet on tie, banker, or player, and then sit back and enjoy! Here are 5 more great advantages to live dealer baccarat!

  • No. 5: Dealer Help! We don't expect you to memorize all of those rules, so having the live dealer baccarat to help explain each result really helps make the game more enjoyable!
  • No. 4: Game Speed! Casino online versions of baccarat run at an alarming pace due to the computer generated results. There's no shuffling or live dealer interaction, and the speed of the game often turns off gamblers. The live dealer baccarat casino slows down the game and lengthens the excitement.
  • No. 3: Real Money! An Australian online casino live dealer baccarat game is played with AUDs, meaning real cash!
  • No. 2: Availability! A live dealer baccarat casino is always right at your fingertips! Have some time to kill? Kick back with a stress-free casino game.
  • No. 1: New Game! Expand your horizons and learn a new game at an online casino! Live dealer baccarat is easy to play and a ripper of a time!
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